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Management Insights

(not active at the moment)

  1. --The Pitch

  2. --Competitive Intelligence

  3. --Business Models

  4. --Project Management

  5. --Communication

  6. --Customers

  7. --Marketing

  8. --Proposal/Tender Preparation

  9. --Innovation

  10. --Quality

  11. --New Types of Organisations

  12. --Human Resources

  13. --”How to Read a Person Like a Book”

And here you can find more information on:

  1. -Pottery and Ceramics

  2. -Collecting Coins (not active at the moment)

  3. -Maps, Illuminations and Timelines (not active at the moment)

Learning Bridge

Learning Golf (not active at the moment)

Living in Spain and Learning Spanish


I am in the process of reorganising and revising my site for greater simplicity, clarity, readability and relevance. This will take some time, so I ask for the visitors understanding and support. Best regards, and have fun...