About my site

This Website is best viewed with a standards compliant browser such as FireFox or Safari. I also check out my pages on my iPad and iPhone just to make sure they still look readable, e.g. I’ve moved to an Arial size 24 font as a default for all my pages.

I initially built the site using iWeb 09 running under OS X on my MacBook Pro, but now I am moving everything to Sandvox.

The page layout is Apex by Blueball Design, and it claims that it will work across all the major desktop and mobile browsers, including on the iPad and iPhone.  

I have tried to keep this site as simple, uncluttered and “clean” as possible. I have also tried to avoid using complex and/or archaic English, and I try to avoid slang.

I would like to acknowledge the work of Wikipedia. It is often an invaluable source of information and photos, and where appropriate I have used the content liberally. My site is not intended for viewing outside a restricted circle of family and friends, and it is for this reason that I have not provided full acknowledgements for every partial text and photo obtained from the Web. 

Any complaints should be addressed to me at bernard.smith@mac.com, and I will pull down offending material or insert full acknowledgments as needed.

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