The Brain - check out my mind map

The Brain is actually quite difficult to describe in a few words. It is based upon associative mapping, which may not actually have a clear definition. The user creates objects or entities (or ’thoughts’), and associations that link ’thoughts’ together. It is seen as a way to capture the way the user thinks about something, and also a way to ‘discover' relationships between ideas. For me the key is the way it visualises the ‘mind map’. However there are many, many other features, for example, the user can exploit thought and link types to create ontologies, including inheritance of properties for more consistent relationship mapping.

With Version 8 you could embed ‘Brains’ in to a Webpage. This feature is still not available in Version 9, but you can place and update your ‘Brains’ on their servers and allow public access. To access my ‘Brain’ click on the link.