Cleaning and Selling a MacBook Pro

last update: 3 November 2020

In November 2021 I decided to sell my old MacBook Pro (MBP).

It was a:-
MacBook Pro (13-inch, 2018, Four Thunderbird 3 Ports)
2.3 GHz Intel Core i5
16 GB memory
500 GB flash storage
Retina display
Touch ID
Swiss-French QWERTZ keyboard

Here are the
Technical Specifications and the User Guide for my MBP.

In spring-2021 I had followed the advice in "
What to do before you sell, give away, or trade in your Mac".

I had made two different backups, signed out of iTunes, iCloud and iMessage, reset NVRAM, unpaired Bluetooth devices, and erased my Mac, reinstalled macOS, but used Command-Q to shut down and leave my MBP in an out-of-box state.

At least, I guessed that I had done the whole procedure as described.

However returning to my old MBP some months later I wanted to know if I had actually done the right things. Now I wanted to check if my old MBP was reformatted and clean of all my personal data.

There is quite a bit of advice about
buying a second-hand MBP, including:-
Apple Check Coverage and using the serial number I was able to confirm the purchase date (2018), confirm that technical support had expired (but that it could still be purchased), and that repairs and service coverage had also expired.
About this Mac told me that my MBP had 500 GB flash storage, with 483.57 GB available of 499.96 GB. It was interesting to see that as I look at the available space it went down from 483.97 GB to 482.99 GB in a couple of minutes, and appeared to still be going down slowly when I left that option. The next day it was at 479.61 GB.
Creating and
using a bootable installer for macOS to boot the MBP.
Check wifi antenna, keyboard, drive, ports, and camera are working properly.
Check drive status by running Applications>Utilities>Disk Utility>First Aid. No repairs were needed.
Check battery status at About This Mac>System Report>Hardware>Power>Battery Information>Health Information>Cycle Count. The condition was "Normal" and the "Cycle Count" was 15, as compared to a maximum cycle count of 1000 (see Determine battery cycle count for Mac notebooks).
Run Apple Diagnostics, yielded a "No issues found".
Check to see if
a firmware password was used. Making a start up from macOS Recovery will show if a firmware password is needed. I did not set a firmware password on my MBP.

Getting started

At the end of the day I decided to go through a minimum setup so that I could check out my old MBP and the erase and reforms it again.

I went through the minimum setup routine as if I had purchased a new MacBook Pro.

My setup was:
I had to select my keyboard (Swiss French)
I had to login to my local wifi network
I did not transfer any information to this Mac
I did not sign in with my Apple ID
I had to create an account
I did not enable location services, and this meant that I could not select my time zone (default was Cupertino)
I did not share analytics
I did not enable Ask Siri
I did not use Touch ID

First Problem
When booting up a fresh MBP you are asked to "Choose Network" to connect to a wifi network to download macOS.

Choose Network

The first problem was that my keyboard was a Swiss-French QWERTZ, whereas the default was a QWERTY keyboard. My wifi network password contained "-" and "z" which are not the same on the two keyboards.

Second Problem
Not really a problem, but I found it odd that the default macOS in November 2021 was
High Sierra version 10.13.6 (i.e. the last release of High Sierra dated November 12, 2020).

Third Problem
I didn't really find a way to ensure that no past data, etc. was left on my MBP, except to rely on the
disk utility to erase the hard disk.

I decided to erase and provided:-
Name: MacBook Pro
Format: APFS
Scheme: GUID Partition Map


How much was my old MBP worth?

On similar MBP's were offered at:-
Refurbished $1,007
Refurbished $1,359
Pre-owned $1,175
Pre-owned $885

On prices ranged from €900 to €1289
On prices ranged from €750 to €1014

My local Apple reseller offered € 242.02 ttc.

On my local resale website I found the following:-
MBP 2012 i5 13" €450
MBP 2017 i7 15" €700 ono
MBP 2017 13" €800
MBP i7 15" €900
MBP 13" €340 ono
MBP 2006 15" €220 ono

My sales description was
MacBook Pro 2018 13" i5 16GB 500GB Retina TouchID QWERTZ silver, excel. état, avec box, €800 ono