RapidWeaver Tips

last update: 24 May 2021

These tips are simply those found because I had a problem, and needed to first understand the problem and then find a solution.


The "Resource" folder inside a particular RW project is a place to store all images, etc. You then can drag and drop them into the webpage you are building. The you publish

Editing Resources

Remember, you can click on and open a small submenu to "delete" empty resource folders.

It would appear that you cannot delete a selection of individual resources in a "Resources" folder, you have to delete one-by-one. Another option is to open a new folder, move all the resources you want to delete to that folder, then delete the folder.

If some pages and resources were uploaded to a server, and then later those some pages and/or resources were deleted, RW will
not remove those assets from the server. In this sense it is "non-destructive".

According to one expert, prior to RW8's the resource folder had lots of "issues". So people used a 3rd party warehouse option, managing and keeping track of images, etc. outside of RW and with a stand-alone FTP application. The argument today is that the RW8 "Resources" is simple and stable. Others argued that RW "has lost interest" in "Resources", but other appear to use it (along with sub-folders) without problems.

One user replied to a question about RapidWeaver "Resources" by saying "
I maintain a 1700 page website and don't have one single resource. I upload "resources" to my server and link to them appropriately. I keep RW as simple as possible".