Quiz Trivia …

last update: 01 August 2020

Watching TV quiz shows I can answer some of the questions, and there are others I can almost answer. However, there are questions I can't answer but I think that I should have known, and there are even questions where I'm proud I don't know the answer (e.g. characters of British TV soaps, or the doings of so-called 'celebrities'). So I decided to start collecting the kind of stuff I thought I should know, but didn't. This is not about
Mastermind or University Challenge, … just Eggheads style trivia.

I will admit that I don't read novels (old or recent), don't follow celebrities, don't watch TV soaps, don't remember names of actors or actresses, …, so all these topics are 'blind spots'. But I will try to capture just enough information to give me a fighting chance, who knowns.

I've separated the 'stuff' into two different groups.

first group is really 'pure trivia', or the collection of questions and expanded answers, along with the occasional list, photograph, etc. Topics that fall into this group include:-
General Knowledge, including stuff on calendars, the naming of days and months, major religious festivals, public holidays, and closing with a list of "Paradises, Utopias, Heavens, Hells, and Mythical Places"
World Geography
History, Politics and Conflicts
The Arts
Anatomy, …

second group is where the trivia questions led me to try to understand and document information in a more systematic way. Topics that fall into this group include:-
English Language, including Parts of Speech in English, Etymologies, Vocabulary (with Unusual Words, New Words - New Definitions, Old Words - Old Meanings with Old Jargon, Slang and Cant, Latin in the English Language and Interesting Latin Phrases, Foreign Words in English, a Glossary of Interesting Sporting Terms, The Language of Geometry and Mathematics, The Language of Science and Technology, Abbreviations, etc., Synonyms, etc., Figures of Speech, Sayings, Eponyms, …
English Literature
Greek Mythology
Science and Technology, …