New Words

last update: 17 May 2020

New words… new definitions

All this section does is register new words or expressions that have come across my screen… and are new to me. Hope it's not all gibberish.

5150 - California police code for 'escaped lunatic'

Algebra - a cruel pointless subject still taught in schools

Antidextrous - not good with either hand

Area 51% - the area of the US that votes Republican

Autopilot - what most people do at work

Awfuliser - someone who always predicts the worst outcome

Bangalored - relocated to India

Bizza - a big pizza

Boomer holes - a house with holes for cable TV and landlines previously owned by a baby-boomer

Bounty bar - a white-acting black person

Clean-skin - without a criminal record (also lily-white)

Click-to-Call (Click-to-Talk) - when a customer clicks on an object and it completes a call to a person in real-time

Cobrowsing - two people accessing and navigating the same webpage at the same time

Conehead - scientist, brainy person

Conversion - is when a visitor completes a desired goal (e.g. purchase, fills out a form, provides an email address), and the percentage that converts is called a conversion rate (see conversion marketing and conversion rate optimisation)

Corporate Death Burger - McDonalds

Dictionary - a paperweight, an archaic way to look up words before Wikipedia and spellchecking

DNF - Did Not Find (or Did Not Finish)

Dot gone - unsuccessful Internet company

Dronies - those who snap images using drones

Dropshipping - selling products they've never handled, from countries they've never visited, to consumers they've never met

DYKWIA - Do You Know Who I Am!

Foot fault - a minor criminal violation

Funnels - a marketing funnel helps/simplifies the set of steps a customer has to go through (to a 'conversion')

Gringoland - USA

Haircut - a reduction in the value of an asset

HMWI - High Net Worth Individual

House hippo - a rotund house pet

IANAL - I Am Not A Lawyer

Idiot box - Television

IDK - I don't know

IMO - In My Opinion (IMHO - In My Humble Opinion)

IRL - In Real Life

Jesus year - a persons 33rd year of life

Lexifascist - someone who corrects others' language with an uppity attitude

Marinate - to sit around and do nothing

Micro-influencer - a sub-set of
influencer marketing, i.e. people who have between 1,000 and 100,000 followers and are considered expert and trusted in a narrow field or niche

On-brand - something that correlates with your identity or public image

Pain Point - recurring problems that customers experience frequently, sometimes stopping them from completing a transaction

PDF - Please Don't Forget

Perfumed prince - bureaucrat or careerist

Pizza Production Engineer - someone who puts toppings on pre-formed pizza bases

Plusing - continually improving something

Prescriptibitch - someone who is evil about correcting grammatical mistakes

Retargeting - targeted advertising based upon a consumers previous internet activity, e.g. webpage they have previously viewed

See Food Diet - you see the food, and then eat it

Shift F7 - derives from the shortcut for the thesaurus in a Microsoft Word document, so 'Shift F7' replaces the word you could not remember or find, e.g. "
its just so … shift F7"

Shapeware - underwear designed to alter (smooth, control, lift, compress) a persons body shape (for the better)

Spelling - a lost art

Stan - a super or extreme fan of something or someone

Stovepiping - transmit raw information to a higher level inside an organisation through an isolated and narrow channel

SWMBO - She Who Must Be Obeyed

Thore - Think more, e.g. "
I need to thore before I answer"

TMI - Too Much Information

Truthiness - a seemingly truthful assertion not supported by evidence or facts

UCLA - University for Caucasians Lost among Asians

Voodoo poll - untrustworthy results

Weble - alternative for web-log (blog)

WFH - Working From Home

Wirate - getting angry with a slow Internet connection