Digital Preservation

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Labor of Love: Re-creating the Burned HP Archives - IEEE Spectrum, Feb. 2018

Solving Leibniz’s Last Puzzle - Forensic Software is Reconstructing the Polymath’s Journals - IEEE Spectrum, Feb. 2018

Leibniz Archiv

The Role of Archives in Digital Preservation - ACM Communications, Vol. 61. N° 1, Jan. 2018

Open Archival Information System reference model (OAIS) is about the information that must be maintained for “long term preservation”

Digital Object Architecture  is a general architecture for a distributed information storage, location and retrieval system running over the Internet

LOCKSS (lots of copies keeps stuff safe) is an open-source, library-led digital preservation system

The Lost Picture Show: Hollywood Archivists Can’t Outpace Obsolescence - IEEE Spectrum, 28 April 2017

When and how the film business went digital, 9 January 2017

Film Preservation 101: A Brief Guide to Keeping Your Films Alive Indefinitely (Part One), 16 February 2017

Video and Digital Preservation 101: A Brief Guide to Keeping Your Films Alive Indefinitely (Part Two), 20 May 2017

Will Today’s Digital Movies Exist in 100 Years? - IEEE Spectrum, 21 February 2014

The Digital Dilemma: Strategic Issues in Archiving and Accessing Digital Motion Picture Materials, Report 2007

The Digital Dilemma 2: Perspectives from Independent Filmmakers, Documentarians and Non-Profit Audiovisual Archives, Report 2012

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