Supercool Protein Imaging Gets the Nobel Prize 

Jacques Dubochet, Joachim Frank and Richard Henderson win the 2017 Nobel Prize (Chemistry) for the development of cryo-electron microscopy, often used in the field of structural biology.

LIGO Architects Win Nobel Prize in Physics

Rainer WeissKip Thorne and Barry C. Barish win the 2017 Nobel Prize (Physics) for their work on gravitational waves. See also the Laser Interferometer Gravitational-Wave Observatory (LIGO), and the Virgo Interferometer

Nobel Prize Awarded for Biological Clock Discoveries

Jeffrey C. Hall, Michael Rosbash and Michael W. Young win the 2017 Nobel Prize (Physiology or Medicine) for research on the control of circadian rhythms (i.e. natures ‘biological clock’ and more generally chronobiology and chronotherapy). See also this article in The New Yorker which highlights a possible shift to awarding basic research in response to the reduction in basic research funding in the US. © Bernard Smith 2017