Science & Technology - the propellant for building a thriving society

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Hi, these pages are entitled Science & Technology, however they are more about my tagging things that grabbed my attention and about which I wanted to know more. Therefore the content is at times quirky, at times positively odd, always incomplete and forever open to improvement.

My 'Brain'

Alongside these pages I have also a ‘Brain' on the topic of Science & Technology. The application is ‘
The Brain’ and it helps me create and visualise a personal network of facts, links, references, etc., which they call 'knowledge'. In my case it is an incomplete, but ever growing and changing network of stuff I’ve read, want to read, want to keep, or just want to understand better (…one day).

To access my ‘Brain’ click on the link. Be patient, it can take a minute to load …

Eye Candy - something informative and aesthetically pleasing to the eye

Have a look at a short YouTube video that's called the 'Cosmic Eye'. The video starts with a woman's smiling face, and then zooms out to show a view of the universe, before zooming back in and through the woman's eye and down to the level of quarks.

National Geographic visualises 200 years of US immigration as rings of a tree

The GDELT Project monitors the world's broadcast, print and web news, and has a cool presentation

Check out this fantastic visualisation of the world's biggest data breaches

Map with realtime visualisation of cyber attacks (and also have a look at the Digital Attack Map, Email Traffic Overview, Kaspersky's Menace Informatique, and T-mobile attacks map)

Not sure I buy into all the hype about
blockchain, but here is an interactive map from EUBlockchain about all initiatives in the field (certainly incomplete, but could be useful anyway)