Computer Science - is no more about computers than astronomy is about telescopes

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My 'computer science' webpages are more about security, cyber warfare, fake news, … and not at all on operating systems or programming languages.

For some more up-to-date information and comments you can also check out my ‘Brain’ on the topic.

Eye Candy - something informative and aesthetically pleasing to the eye

200 years of US immigration looks like the rings of a tree, National Geographic visualises US immigration as rings of a tree trunk

GDELT Project monitors the world's broadcast, print and web news, and has a cool presentation

Check out this fantastic visualisation of the world's biggest data breaches

Map with realtime visualisation of cyber attacks (and also have a look at the Digital Attack Map, Email Traffic Overview, Kaspersky's Menace Informatique, and T-mobile attacks map)

Not sure I buy into all the hype about
blockchain, but here is an interactive map from EUBlockchain about all initiatives in the field (certainly incomplete, but could be useful anyway)