I am in the process of reorganising and revising my site for greater simplicity, clarity, readability and relevance. 

I am also moving the entire site from iWeb to Sandvox (with the page template Apex by Blueball Design). 

One issue is that I have collected images from many different places, each have differing sizes and qualities. At times it might have been nice to enlarge one or other picture, but because the template I am using is ‘responsive’ it automatically scales images to fit the viewers browser. This means that images scale automatically for laptops, tablets, and smartphones. It also means that the original images must remain ‘native’ and cannot be manipulated just for viewing on a large screen.

Another issue is the way media resources are archived on the server means that the text arrives quickly and occasionally it can take just a bit longer to download and paste the images into the page.  

More generally moving from iWeb to Sandvox requires a complete reformatting of all the old iWeb pages. This will take some time, so I ask for your understanding. 

Best regards, and I hope you enjoy the content of this site.

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