www.bernardsmith.eu - a place to collect my ideas and try to learn new things

My idea is to make this Website a stable location describing both our family travels, and my persistent, but somewhat idiosyncratic, interest in past civilisations and modern-day science & technology. In addition my idea is to slowly integrate my 'Brain', a personal network of facts, links, references, etc. I see my Website and my ‘Brain’ as complimenting each other. That is the plan, but who knows what it will actually become in the distant future.

At the moment I am in the process of reorganising and revising my site for greater simplicity, clarity, readability and relevance. I am building this website purely for personal reasons, and I have not designed it or its contents for any particular audience.

But if by change you have landed on my website you are welcome and any feedback is also more than welcome.

Best regards, and I hope you enjoy your visit.

Eye Candy - something informative and aesthetically pleasing to the eye

200 years of US immigration looks like the rings of a tree, National Geographic visualises US immigration as rings of a tree trunk

GDELT Project monitors the world's broadcast, print and web news, and has a cool presentation

Check out this fantastic visualisation of the world's biggest data breaches

Map with realtime visualisation of cyber attacks (and also have a look at the Digital Attack Map, Email Traffic Overview, Kaspersky's Menace Informatique, and T-mobile attacks map)

Not sure I buy into all the hype about
blockchain, but here is an interactive map from EUBlockchain about all initiatives in the field (certainly incomplete, but could be useful anyway)