Science & Technology - the propellant for building a thriving society

last update: 19 Nov. 2019

Hi, these pages are entitled Science & Technology, however they are more about my tagging things that grabbed my attention and about which I wanted to know more. Therefore the content is at times quirky, at times positively odd, always incomplete and forever open to improvement.

I've started with three webpages on the topic of
Mesopotamian Science and Technology, followed by a webpage describing the background to the Manhattan Project.

My 'Brain'

Alongside these pages I have also a ‘Brain' on the topic of Science & Technology. The application is ‘
TheBrain’ and it helps me create and visualise a personal network of facts, links, references, etc., which they call 'knowledge'. In my case it is an incomplete, but ever growing and changing network of stuff I’ve read, want to read, want to keep, or just want to understand better (…one day).

To access my ‘Brain’ click on the link. Be patient, it can take a minute to load …